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Canvas and Cocktails
March 3, 2010, 5:15 pm
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My friend Michelle recently moved to Denver and sent me the link to a pretty nifty business idea called Canvas and Cocktails. It appears to be a similar model to these paint your own pottery places that are on every corner in every trendy neighborhood. I always laugh when I walk by the window and see women with their utterly miserable and profoundly humiliated male companions. I have to say, I like this idea better. 1. It’s painting on a canvas-not some lame ceramic candy dish or duck figurine, 2. it stresses the importance of booze for creative endeavors, and 3. it may even appeal to men. Too bad it’s only in Denver. I wonder if they franchise?


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why franchise? just nab the idea why doncha. you have a big house and know your way around a cocktail shaker. make mine a negroni, ta!

Comment by shannon

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