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These Autos Have Allure – But Is it Art?
March 30, 2010, 3:00 pm
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1937 Bugatti Type 575 Atalante Coupe

1937 Bugatti Type 575 Atalante Coupe


I volunteered at the High Museum of Art today and popped upstairs to view the special exhibition, The Allure of the Automobile, running now through June 20th. When I heard about this exhibition, I was a bit disappointed in the High. With a permanent collection that in my opinion is lacking for a museum of its size and reputation, they rely on traveling and special exhibitions to draw the crowds. With an impressive assortment of classic cars from the 30’s to the 60’s that would make Jay Leno cry like a baby (in fact he narrates the audio commentary), I can see the appeal to a wider audience. And the specimens from Aston Martins to Mercedes are a sight to behold–shiny, flawless and huge–right there in the 2nd floor gallery. But the question remains–is it art? What do people think?

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I think if we recognize design as an artform, then yes. Think of Bauhaus. Not really “art” – more of a design aesthetic – but it is taught to us in art history as an important period impacting art in general. Same with Art Nouveau. Right? 😉 Enjoying reading your blog! – J.

Comment by JoAnn Redmon

Yes, I see your point. I was thinking it would be a better fit for MODA, but then it wouldn’t reach as wide of an audience. I just wish there were more art museums in Atlanta in general.

Comment by theartgardner

Here, here! Like Paris or New York. But since there’s not – doesn’t that give us an excuse to go there? 😉 To “round out” our art diet?

Comment by JoAnn Redmon

Wouldn’t that be heavenly–a nice, big, well-funded modern art museum? And yeah, I guess it’s good to draw in patrons that might otherwise never visit. It’s just a subjective thing about the cars. I think of them as a way to get from point A to point B, not as artwork. I told Jim about the show and he started drooling…and wants to go! Some would say Damien Hirst slicing up a cow isn’t art and others would argue that it’s the greatest thing since—sliced bread? All a matter of opinion, which is what makes for a fascinating discussion. Thanks for your comments. It’s nice to know The Art Gardner isn’t a billboard on a deserted island.

Comment by theartgardner

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