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Waiter, there’s a naked lady in my gravy boat
Sauce Boat Palissy, Bernard 1550-1600

Sauce Boat Palissy, Bernard 1550-1600 from the V&A


With me pretty much everything comes back to television. Why I am such a media junkie could surely be unearthed in hours of therapy, but I choose to just go with it. Every once in a while life has a funny way of throwing me a felicitous bone and colliding my two worlds into one–art and TV. What could be better? This weekend while sorting socks, I happened upon my new best friend, Ovation TV. Maybe everyone and their mothers have heard of it, but with about 500 channels to sift through, I’m a little slow on the uptake.  

Ovation is an entire television station focused on “art, culture and personal creativity.” I was tuned into a show called Art and the City, hosted by a guy named David Keeps. In this hour-long show, David shows you around the art scene of a different city in each episode. This episode was London. The Tate Modern, hipster galleries of Hoxton and the Victoria & Albert Museum were all covered. David is a funny guy–charismatic and nerdy with dorky jokes–he is to art what Alton Brown is to food. “Waiter, there’s a naked lady in my gravy boat,” he quips while introducing viewers to the priceless antiques at the V&A. He brings high art to the sock-folding masses and there’s nothing wrong with that.


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