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Ways to Make a Nonprofit Marketing Budget Go Far

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is hosting an upcoming online live discussion with Kivi Leroux Miller—author of the just-released book, Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause. Join Tuesday, June 8, at noon U.S. Eastern time to discover ways to stretch your organization’s marketing resources. Information here.


Flying Blind With Google Grants

I’m at the Center for Puppetry Arts this week helping out with the Google Grant AdWords account. I was able to slip upstairs during lunch yesterday and catch the current main stage show, Stellaluna, based on the popular children’s book. Stellaluna is an adorable baby fruit bat undergoing an identity crisis. It’s cute and educational—true to form for the Center. For instance, I learned that fruit bats have night vision (unlike most other species of bat, which rely on echo-location to get around).

Back at my desk, I realized that I am sort of “flying blind” with the Google Grant. I sure could use some night vision right about now in order to maximize our gift from Google. So I thought I’d bounce it out to the online community (the human equivalent of echo-location) and see what comes back. I find the forums and online help a bit thin. Is anyone out there using their Google Grant successfully? There are a number of limitations (CPC rate most notably) and I’m wondering if any nonprofits out there have “cracked the code” and are getting maximum value?

Waiter, there’s a naked lady in my gravy boat
Sauce Boat Palissy, Bernard 1550-1600

Sauce Boat Palissy, Bernard 1550-1600 from the V&A


With me pretty much everything comes back to television. Why I am such a media junkie could surely be unearthed in hours of therapy, but I choose to just go with it. Every once in a while life has a funny way of throwing me a felicitous bone and colliding my two worlds into one–art and TV. What could be better? This weekend while sorting socks, I happened upon my new best friend, Ovation TV. Maybe everyone and their mothers have heard of it, but with about 500 channels to sift through, I’m a little slow on the uptake.  

Ovation is an entire television station focused on “art, culture and personal creativity.” I was tuned into a show called Art and the City, hosted by a guy named David Keeps. In this hour-long show, David shows you around the art scene of a different city in each episode. This episode was London. The Tate Modern, hipster galleries of Hoxton and the Victoria & Albert Museum were all covered. David is a funny guy–charismatic and nerdy with dorky jokes–he is to art what Alton Brown is to food. “Waiter, there’s a naked lady in my gravy boat,” he quips while introducing viewers to the priceless antiques at the V&A. He brings high art to the sock-folding masses and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Two Things You Can Do to Support Georgia Arts
April 16, 2010, 8:12 am
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The House Appropriations Committee voted yesterday to eliminate the Georgia Council for the Arts budget for FY 2011. GCA will not  exist. This means Georgia will be the only state in the nation that will have no state arts agency. Shameful. If you feel passionate about this issue and want to express the negative impact this decision will make on the Georgia economy and tourism, you can contact your legislators via this link. It’s very easy and just takes 30 seconds.
Secondly, if you live in Atlanta and have some time during lunch on Monday, April 19th, there is an “Artist March on the Capitol.” Here is the Facebook page with all the information. It starts at The Rialto at 1:00 pm.
Thanks for your support!

National Arts Advocacy Day!
April 13, 2010, 10:31 am
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It’s National Arts Advocacy Day. Time to think about the impact the arts have on your life. What is your next creative endeavor–a poem, a painting, a trip to the local museum? In the meantime, tweet your support for the arts via the information below. Make the arts a trending topic today–hooray! 

Want to help promote the arts?
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It’s National Arts Advocacy Day.

What it costs to be on a board

As I have been brainstorming on how to get involved with the local nonprofit community, one person suggested I join a board. I balked at this, thinking I wasn’t nearly important enough. It turns out I am also not rich enough. Obviously board member responsibilities vary widely depending on the size and type of organization you choose to serve, but one crucial function is fundraising. I came across this article in the New York Times that uncovers what it takes to be a mover and shaker at some of New York’s top cultural institutions. Read article here.

Another Delightful Synchronicity

I was at Kai Lin Art last night for a wine tasting event with Anne Elser, her husband Doug, and my husband, Jim. They had door prizes and toward the end of the night they switched from raffle tickets to trivia questions due to the dwindling crowd. The final big prize was up for grabs–two tickets to Friday Jazz at the High and a beautiful Louvre art book. The question? “What’s the current exhibit at the High that is all the rage?” And because I had been talking about it and whether it was art museum worthy, Jim answered correctly! Thanks The Allure of the Automobile–maybe I love you afterall! And by the way, Jim really wants to go see it–so what do I know?