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Friday Jazz and Burnaway Fundraiser
June 17, 2010, 10:08 pm
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Lee Tesche's Edgewood


You are going to be busy this weekend, my art-loving peeps. Friday, get yourself to Friday Jazz at the High Museum. Thrill your senses with food, drink, art, and music. Saturday, you better not miss Burnaway’s Inaugural Fundraiser and Exhibition. Their curated show entitled Lot and Parcel features works by Atlanta artists depicting maps of local neighborhoods. Lee Tesche created a piece on Edgewood–my very own ‘hood (description below). Read the full Creative Loafing article here

Lee Tesche, Edgewood
“The idea behind my map was that my neighborhood (Edgewood) was much more than street lines and street names. It was the embodiment of the people who live there and could be better described in these moments or major events in their lives. Take my street for example. I don’t think of numbers or of the street name, I think about when a car caught on fire or standing in my driveway clutching a bottle of wine right after a breakup or sitting at my kitchen table sifting through bills trying to figure out what I can afford to pay. That’s Edgewood to me. To my neighbor it might be the moment the garbage truck backed into their car or where they were standing the moment they made a big life decision. Anyway, i’ve tried to capture that. We’ll see if I was successful. That’s why I’ve been tooling over this copy, it’s not my strongpoint so I’m hoping it comes off alright. It’s tricky. I can make anything look pretty, I’m just hoping it tells the stories in the correct way.”

Another Delightful Synchronicity

I was at Kai Lin Art last night for a wine tasting event with Anne Elser, her husband Doug, and my husband, Jim. They had door prizes and toward the end of the night they switched from raffle tickets to trivia questions due to the dwindling crowd. The final big prize was up for grabs–two tickets to Friday Jazz at the High and a beautiful Louvre art book. The question? “What’s the current exhibit at the High that is all the rage?” And because I had been talking about it and whether it was art museum worthy, Jim answered correctly! Thanks The Allure of the Automobile–maybe I love you afterall! And by the way, Jim really wants to go see it–so what do I know?