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Another Delightful Synchronicity

I was at Kai Lin Art last night for a wine tasting event with Anne Elser, her husband Doug, and my husband, Jim. They had door prizes and toward the end of the night they switched from raffle tickets to trivia questions due to the dwindling crowd. The final big prize was up for grabs–two tickets to Friday Jazz at the High and a beautiful Louvre art book. The question? “What’s the current exhibit at the High that is all the rage?” And because I had been talking about it and whether it was art museum worthy, Jim answered correctly! Thanks The Allure of the Automobile–maybe I love you afterall! And by the way, Jim really wants to go see it–so what do I know?

These Autos Have Allure – But Is it Art?
March 30, 2010, 3:00 pm
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1937 Bugatti Type 575 Atalante Coupe

1937 Bugatti Type 575 Atalante Coupe


I volunteered at the High Museum of Art today and popped upstairs to view the special exhibition, The Allure of the Automobile, running now through June 20th. When I heard about this exhibition, I was a bit disappointed in the High. With a permanent collection that in my opinion is lacking for a museum of its size and reputation, they rely on traveling and special exhibitions to draw the crowds. With an impressive assortment of classic cars from the 30’s to the 60’s that would make Jay Leno cry like a baby (in fact he narrates the audio commentary), I can see the appeal to a wider audience. And the specimens from Aston Martins to Mercedes are a sight to behold–shiny, flawless and huge–right there in the 2nd floor gallery. But the question remains–is it art? What do people think?